About Mark

Mark Geiger is a preventive health care advocate and Native Texan who has been fortunate enough to live and travel all over the world. As a Kinesiologist, he has a passion for teaching and helping others improve their health. As a writer, he is well known and has been published as a regular and guest contributor for prominent publications distributed regionally and nationally.

Mark owned and operated several independent health clubs between 1996 and 2005. In 2005 he founded the Healthy Images Preventive Health Care Organization which is a non-profit public charity. The vision for Healthy Images non-profit work was born from the disparities in health and inequitable access to preventive health care services he observed in dealing with patrons of his health clubs.

Today he is a volunteer board of director for the organization he founded. His current focus as a corporate strategist for the nation’s fourth largest insurer is in the changing landscape of the U.S. healthcare system and capturing multiple first mover advantages to monetize emerging opportunities.

Outside of work Mark enjoys weightlifting, writing, golf and water sports. He currently resides in Dallas.

About Healthy Images

Healthy Images is a 501c3 509a2 nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, that helps people improve their health while strengthening their communities.

The organization’s primary focus is on eliminating disparities of healthcare and advocating for its members in the marketplace by promoting products and services that reward their preventive health care practices. Healthy Images also partners with other non-profit organizations to share its resources to provide for basic health education, food, and preventive health care services for those in need.